Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I Should Write Something

But I can be bothered. Someday. For now let's make due with a sampling of 140 character election GOTV:

  1. If elected officials can't control spending, shouldn't I vote for those who'll spend to benefit 95% of the people rather than 5%?
  2. I support less spending & small gov, probably I should vote red. But it often seems to me that's not what they do when they win.
  3. Step up and support job killing legislation: minimum wage, child labor, workplace safety, environmental responsibilty...
  4. Remember why you voted the way you did the last time. See who is most in that camp this time, and vote
  5. Running out of time if you're not registered. Get it done! http://bit.ly/ckYJQH
  6. The things you vote to protect in a Presidential election still matter in a midterm election. Get yourself together and vote!
  7. Team Red still running on privatizing Social Security. Imagine if they'd succeeded the last time. Make sure your voice is heard - vote!
  8. When you go to vote this fall why not err on the side of "Yes we can" rather than "no we won't"
  9. Show the tea partiers they don't speak for "most Americans" get out and vote!
  10. This upcoming election could be the most significant in our lifetime. Get educated and vote.