Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Making a List

ETCP Arena

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I saw a thing today that said blogging is good for you, so I should blog more (although the article was about teenage girls)...  Last week at work was 32 hours of FTSI Navigator training.  One of my most interesting purchases...  Went to Goodwill today with some things I packed away in Chicago and moved to PA.  That they have Goodwill in IL does not escape me...  A little bit I don't think anyone running in the Florida Primary will be the eventual Republican nominee...  If college theatre had an annual pro-bowl in Hawaii I might apply myself a little bit more...  I finished X-Men, X-Men Evolution, Astonishing X-Men, and Wolverine and the X-Men on Netflix.  What should I watch next?  I appear to be right out of X-Men...  I need new tires for my truck.  If you have shopping suggestions send them my way...  This week at work is "Playground."  Everyone is really excited.  I've never really gotten the bug...  Apparently if you do internet research on buying a treadmill what you come up with is: don't buy a treadmill...  Trying to decide if "Lost Girl" should make the cut on our DVR.  Not really feeling it so far...  Time to start thinking about spring home projects...  Is there any subject cable can't tack "wars" onto it and make a show?  I am hanging in for "Blog Wars"...  I'm going to NYC for interviews.  Now accepting activity suggestions for the trip...  Going to have to learn about Craislist, Ebay, and Freecycle for this summer I think...  I'm making a list for myself, so far it has things like: FMEA, Arduino, Navigator, SketchUp.  Could be weeks, maybe months...  I now have a Pinterest.  Now you know...  I missed the State of the Union this time around.  Probably for the best...  Apparently I don't plan far enough in advance to use Wheel Deliver...  Facebook is going public.  I wonder how you get in on that...  The steering wheel of my car, as long as it is parked, makes a wonderful mount for an iPhone for Facetime...  Mitt Romney, in all likelihood, makes more money in a day than you probably make in a year.  How can he possibly represent the public of the US?  I mean there's rich and then there's rich... 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Worth a Look

With the return of classes comes the return of Worth a Look.  Here are some articles from last week's Greenpage that might be worth your time:

Diversity in the Booth

Stage Directions: Imagine that someone charges you with the task of hiring a Black production manager. Once you have successfully navigated the why’s, wherefores and “say whats?” that making such a charged request would elicit in our current socio-political climate, you would find that you had very few options before you. Your hiring pool would be extremely meager, albeit spectacularly talented. Your hiring pool would consist of two individuals: David Stewart, production manager and SM instructor for the University of Wisconsin–Madison; and Tayneshia Jefferson, production manager/stage management lecturer for Indiana University’s Department of Theatre and Drama. Us.

The Rise of the New Groupthink

NYTimes.com: SOLITUDE is out of fashion. Our companies, our schools and our culture are in thrall to an idea I call the New Groupthink, which holds that creativity and achievement come from an oddly gregarious place. Most of us now work in teams, in offices without walls, for managers who prize people skills above all. Lone geniuses are out. Collaboration is in.

Should theatre leave more to the imagination?

guardian.co.uk: Ordinarily, the prospect of Rupert Goold tackling CS Lewis's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, as he will do in Kensington Gardens this summer, would be a lip-smacking one. From the hellish industrial kitchen of his Macbeth to the tawdry glitz of his Las Vegas Merchant, the places Goold creates are always vivid, inventive and full of high-definition detail. So who better to create the grand landscapes of Narnia, Lewis's fantastical world within a wardrobe?

Stage role for TED

Variety: This week, Broadway types are just as likely to be talking about holograms and genomics as they are about ticketing and "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" lawsuits.
TEDxBroadway, a day-long conference organized by a trio of legiters, aims to get theater folk thinking ahead -- way, way ahead: The theme of the Jan. 23 event is "What Can Broadway Be in 20 Years?"
It's an unusual confab for the small, close-knit industry, which usually focuses more on day-to-day concerns of putting up and running a show. It's also an event that could make waves precisely because the community of Broadway movers and shakers is relatively small.

Beyond the Bechdel Test

2AMt: Soon after I wrote this Forum Theatre post on the Bechdel Test, the question arose: what might be a similar test for LGBT characters? Being both gay and up for the challenge, I gave it a try. Here it is:
The Test – Does the movie have?
1. An identifiable LGBT character
2. Who has a conversation with someone else*
3. About something other than sexuality

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I gave the Scenic Fabrication & Installation class a pretest today.  How do you think you'd do?

F&I PretestS12

Everyone in the class has had a year and a half of crew, Stagecraft I, Stagecraft II, and Basic PTM and yet I see a lot of blanks.  I may have to do a histogram.  Maybe we have some gaps in our curriculum.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunday, January 01, 2012

First Night 2011-12

Mrs. TANBI and I have a New Years tradition - she goes to work and I hang around like her entourage. It seems like each year the project grows just a little. This year the work crept out all the way down Penn Ave to 9th.

One of the coolest parts of the job is watching other people take photos. This year there were several families where they kids would lay down in the street for a picture. I didn't get one of those, but here's a very meta photo of someone else taking a photo.

Sometimes the pictures aren't really enough to see what's going on...

Of course the end of the evening is fireworks. This time ringing in the New Year was Rusted Root...

Things are usually too busy for me to really make sure I get it in, so once again: Great Job Mrs. TANBI! And Happy New Year!