Saturday, August 13, 2005

A Tale of Three Dining Rooms

So for some reason, we seem to believe that we really cannot have this alleged party unless we do something with our dining room. The number of things that get rolled into these projects in our world is staggering. Those of you who have been with the blog from the start will
recall that a party around this time of year a year ago produced a grill, patio furniture, and two kittens.

We appear to have a little money from the wedding that would go nicely for this purpose. So today we went out to survey the market. Along with discovering two sales that both end Sunday, we seem to have found a couple three dining room sets we might be able to live with.

As usual, our buying power is more than our will to spend money. So we didn't do anything today except scout

around. Pictured here are three options we think might do nicely. They all have a table with two leafs, six chairs (but will sit 10), a china cabinet, and a server. We're talking real furniture here too - no pressboard (although a trip to IKEA may be in our future before we pull the trigger).

And so, reading public, we turn to you once again for your advice. Like anything you see?


Katy said...

I like the one at the bottom the best, but that has to do with my affinity for lighter wood. The top one is my second favorite, those are cool chairs, then the middle one.

Are these sets actually available for delivery soon enough for your party? Most real furniture takes a very, very long time to actually arrive.

IKEA has the Leksvik line, which is particleboard-free. And I'm in love with it. Might not be dark enough for your taste, but generally available right now.

Kate said...

Having no idea what your house looks like, wall colors, or the rest of your furniture styles, (it's important, you don't want to cross styles too broadly) I like the top one. But that's because I like very sleek, modern style, and dark woods, which the top one covers nicely. Katy's right about the shipping thing-It took us six weeks to get our couch. But we got to take home our coffee table the next day.

I've had bad luck with Ikea furniture, (it falls apart really fast, but I do live with 16 people) but I guess if you steer clear of particle board, and if you have to assemble it, make sure to glue everything even if they tell you you don't have to, then you should be fine. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

#2, then #1, then #3

Christine said...

Hi, I am Katy's secret pal and revealed myself to her today, so I thought I would pop on over and reintroduce myself. I think that if you are considering having children you should pick the middle one. If you would like pictures of why I say that, please do ask and I would be happy to provide them. If you don't plan on having children I like the first one. BTW, don't get the protection plan, they won't ever come out to clean/fix. Ask me how I know :)

Anonymous said...

i think the first one is the nicest. the chairs are definitely the coolest. oh-and i took that personality defect test and i am apparently a schoolyard bully. who knew.


Anonymous said...

the first one is deninitely the sleekest....dark wood and an asian sort of open back...its a winner


Anonymous said...

the first one is deninitely the sleekest....dark wood and an asian sort of open back...its a winner


Katy said...

about the kids and chairs thing... I was more concerned about the one gap on the bottom chair than the others with many gaps, since we had chairs of a similar shape when I was little, and when I was about 4 I got my head stuck in it (with a babysitter, no less)

Anonymous said...

apparently, i am in the minority. . . but, i like the second one best.

on the one hand, the first one is nice and all - as it is sleek and dark, etc - but it seems a little cold to me, edging on too formal and too stiff.

and on the other hand, the third one just doesn't seem hip enough - it's old school, but without being vintage-esque.

now, as for the second one. . . i think it is both sleek and inviting at the same time. plus, it also looks kind of unique as compared to the others, like the kind of set people would outwardly compliment and admire rather than merely making an inward note that you have some fancy thangs or simply not noticing at all, etc.

but, that is my two cents - for all it's worth.

good luck with the decision!

-sbr (note how i haven't commented on your blog for like a really long time, and then when i chose to do so it is on this matter. shopping decisions are quite important. lololol)