Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day 2014

Marisa said to take notes so I would remember my first fathers day.

Leo and Marisa let me sleep in.  I always sleep in.  Then Marisa went to the store and Leo and I watched #nerdland - or more like I watched and Leo watched me.  We went for a late brunch to Tender in Lawerenceville.  They were doing only their second brunch (the first was mothers day).  We wound up a little segregated because the place isn't so much stroller friendly.  So we were in the back room with one other couple and their stroller.  I had a very nice rum cocktail and then some excellent fried chicken.  Marisa had a special brunch cocktail: the Marcia, Jan, & Cindy and then some excellent salmon (maple cured with pickled beets).  The waiter was nice enough to shoot our first fathers day photo above.

Leo had nothing but behaved very well anyway.  We were joking that he should have a cocktail, something with milk... and vodka - maybe a white russian... oh oh oh: breast milk and vodka = babushka!  Yeah, Leo had nothing.

When we got home I got great cards from Marisa and Leo.  Leo and I got matching Cubs hats and tickets to a Bucs/Cubs game in September - in the all you can eat section!  So even though the holiday was today we will get to celebrate again in September (and Leo has that long to grow into his hat).

Couldn't help but think about my dad some today.  Still miss him much.

I hope I do at least as good a job as he did!

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Spring 2014 PTM Thesis Presentations

Here we are at the end.  All the reviews are complete and we move on to grad thesis presentations.  This year we had four and three of the four are finished (which isn't is left as an exercise for the reader).

All four students this year settled on a "project thesis."  At some point we'll have to decide how successful that was from a program standpoint.

First up, Grad3 PM/SM Cat...

... Cat's project was the budget planning process for an entire regional theatre season.

Next up, Grad3 PM/SM Jamila...

... Jamila's project was the complete organization of a proposed "First Night Braddock" festival.

Moving on to Grad3 PM/SM Jess...

... her project was complete SM packages for a musical mounted as both a sit down and a tour.

Rounding out the year is Grad3TD Luke...

... Luke's thesis was a soup to nuts technical package for a stock, flexible stage lift system: hydraulic and electromechanical.

Nice group of projects in the end.  Here's wishes of good luck for all of them as well.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Seniors... Seniors...

The "victory lap" session:

Job seeking PM/SM AJ...

... damn that's a lot of pictures.

Job seeking SM/Sound Designer Becca...

... I'm sensing a theme.

Vegas bound PM/SM Shannon...

... yes, more pictures.

Job seeking PM/SM/Set Designer Sophie...

... with tiny thumbnail pictures.

Disney bound PM/SM Tim...

... whose photo arrangement and wardrobe are consistent.

 And rounding out the session is PM/SM Zoe...

... who did the sort of minimalist crit board thing.

Good luck to all!