Sunday, February 22, 2015

Worth a Look

Here are a few posts from last week's Greenpage that might be worth your time...

Stagehands Protesting Mistreatment at Live Nation Concert in Atlanta

Digital Music NewsDigital Music News: This Thursday’s performance onstage at the Maroon 5 concert in Atlanta will be great, but backstage it’s a different story. Stagehands work in poor conditions, are paid poverty-level wages, with no benefits – for a job that is often dangerous. On Thursday evening, outside Philips Arena, stagehands and their supporters will hold banners and approach concertgoers with information on this and other “poor performances.”

Music in the Hill was a way of life until 'progress' silenced venues

TribLIVE: From the window of his Hill District home on Epiphany Street in the early 1950s, 7-year-old Sala Udin would bask in the warm summer breeze as he watched ladies adorned with gloves and hats and smartly dressed men in crisp suits and ties make their way down Fullerton Avenue and into the swanky Loendi Club.

Outside, shiny vehicles parked in tight rows lined the street as trolleys rattled their way down the tracks. As the club's double doors swung open, an irresistible melody would fill the air.

Ask The Experts: Should I Disclose My Mental Illness In An Interview?

Fast Company | Business + Innovation: The interview process is always fraught with trying to present the best version of yourself in hopes of impressing your potential future employer while still staying true to yourself. That balancing act becomes a lot more complicated when you have a complicated history of mental illness that has negatively impacted your career path.

I recreated Michael Jordan's 'last shot' in a room made of 10 million LEDs

The Verge: The NBA made some noise during its All-Star festivities this past weekend when it became the first major sport to embrace virtual reality. But across the street from the main event happening at Madison Square Garden, there was an ancillary event that offered fans a whole different type of immersion: a playable life-size half court made of LED screens created by Nike's Jordan brand for its 30th anniversary.

It was an NBA holodeck, and I had to try it.

Saturday Night Live's Wig Secrets A dead-on impression or an amazing character creation is lost if the actor doesn't look the part. That's why the wigs on Saturday Night Live, which celebrates its fortieth anniversary this season, have always gone a long way to making the sketches work. Back in 2012, I talked to head hairstylist Bettie Rogers, who had been with the show for ten years, about how the best looks come together.

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