Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Worth a Look

Here are some posts from last week's Greenpage that might be worth your time...

Spring Awakening's Deaf Actors Dance to Music They Can't Hear

Theatre Development Fund – TDF: It's a moment that would be complicated in any musical: In the current Broadway revival of Spring Awakening, at the start of a song in the second act, a group of actors faces upstage, backs to the audience. They represent a forest of trees, and eventually they begin to sway in unison as the show transitions into a searing number about loss. For their choreography to have its intended impact, everyone needs to move at the same time, as though the woods have suddenly sprung to life.

Why Pianos Can't Be Perfectly Tuned Technically speaking, pianos tuned to coventional 12-tone equal temperament aren’t actually in perfect tune. A new video from MinutePhysics explains the math behind this musical oddity, and why in the case of pianos, close enough is good enough.

Students Claim Provocative Art Project Is a ‘Hate Crime, an Act of Terrorism’

Hit & Run : Students at the University at Buffalo were outraged about the sudden appearance of “White Only” and “Black Only” signs above certain bathroom doors in the College of Arts and Sciences building. But outrage was largely the point, since the signs were part of a black student’s visual arts project.

Theatre in a Fly-over State: The Racial Divide

HowlRound: The Slant Culture Theatre Festival (now defunct) is a Louisville festival whose third year coincided with my decision to be an arts writer in Louisville. I reviewed several of the festival’s plays and saw all but one of the sixteen productions. I had a great time watching and celebrating the Louisville theatre scene come together.

Company One Has A Social Network All Its Own

ARTery: Social events are de rigueur for arts organizations today as the search for new audiences becomes a matter of survival. These days, everyone’s doing under-35 nights, date nights and all kinds of other experiments aimed at broadening the base.

At Company One Theatre, these social events are built into the mission.

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