Sunday, January 24, 2016

Worth a Look

Here are a few articles from last week's Greenpage that might be worth your time...

Write Something Funny: Why Comedy is Vital to the Future of Theatre

HowlRound: There is something wonderful about a theatre full of laughter.

I’ve experienced moments of tragedy as an audience member so tense that you would shush a pin for dropping, have been enraptured by spectacle storytelling, and have had my personal values challenged by deep intellectual pieces that sit with me for weeks.

But there is something different about a theatre full of laughter.

Phil Willmott: Let’s be proud of fringe theatre again

Opinion | The Stage: I've been thinking it's time we became proud of the words 'fringe theatre' again.

It’s a sad fact that there are a gazillion more people who want to make their living in theatre than the industry’s commercial and subsidised sector can sustain. For many of us, at some time or another in our working lives, there’s no alternative but to volunteer our downtime to be in fringe shows if we want to play a great role, work on a great play, bulk up our CV and showcase our talents.

The Play Lovers' Guide to BroadwayCon! Your Itinerary For A Theatre-Filled Weekend BroadwayCon isn't just for fans of musical theatre. We've got the breakdown of everything to see and do for the fans of straight plays, so you can make the most of your weekend.

Theatre’s Technical Jobs: Much More Than Meets the Eye

AMERICAN THEATRE: We’re living in what is sometimes called the Information Age—an apt name for the constant flow of facts and data in which we swim, all made possible by ever-accelerating breakthroughs in computing. The catch, of course, is that, in a society where the one constant seems to be technological change, we may have too much information to process, too many systems to learn—and much of it will be obsolete by the time we’ve taken it in.

“You could probably have a full-time job just keeping up with the changes in technology,” says Erik Lawson, who started as an audio engineer and is now a sound designer based in New York City.

AMERICANNot in Our Theatre: The Fight Against Sexual Harassment

AMERICAN THEATRE: On Jan. 30, 2015, after a long day in rehearsals, Chicago actor Lori Myers posted the following on her Facebook page: “It is very discouraging to me to continuously hear stories of sexual exploitation concerning young women in our theatre community. These women were sometimes underage, manipulated, and traumatized. If your friend, sister, daughter, or coworker was working under a sexual predator—what would you do about it?”

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