Sunday, February 02, 2014

Worth a Look

Here are a few posts from last week's Greenpage that might be worth your time:

Having Gone Largely Unnoticed In The 'Game Of Thrones' Series, It's Now Impossible To Take Your Eyes Off It

Smatterist: You’re probably a big fan of Game of Thrones and you may have even watched the series at least a dozen times in anticipation of the new season. But through all those viewings, did you ever notice the attention to detail that goes into the show? For example, the costumes. Have you ever really looked at the intricate designs on all of them? You probably haven’t, but after seeing these, you won’t be able to ignore them.

Off-Broadway comedy funded by travel industry

Yahoo News: A new off-Broadway comedy about a pair of travel agents and their wacky clientele's demands has an unusual source of funding.
It's underwritten by the very industry it portrays.
"Craving for Travel" is the brainchild of Jim Strong, who owns a $40 million-a-year luxury travel company in Dallas and wrote two self-published books with the same name as the play. Strong's co-sponsors for the show include Viking and Holland America cruise lines, Travel + Leisure magazine and the Four Seasons hotel chain.

A Dancer & Health Insurance

FROM THE GREEN ROOM: Dance/USA's e-Journal: I have been without health insurance for one year, three months, and 10 days as of today. I am 27 years old, physically active, have no chronic health problems that require treatment or medication. I don’t smoke. I only drink on occasion (and then in moderation), and as a freelance dancer and part-time non-profit administrator in New York, I make about $22,000 a year after taxes. I am at once exactly the kind of person the Affordable Care Act was written for, and exactly the kind of person they are afraid won’t sign up.

5 Tech Tools Every Director in the Musical Theatre Industry Should Be Using

Theatrical Writes: I’ve hit that age where frightening stuff like, “When I was a kid we just had to make plans and stick to them. No fancy SMS’n for us! And we liked it,” starts coming out of my brain and then mouth and generally bumming out my kid. Never mind that I’ve become a texting machine, am constantly online and embrace any new tech gadget that promises to make my life easier.

The Russian Broadway Community Responds to Russian Anti-Gay Propoganda Law

fbomb: Anybody who has been paying even a modicum of attention to the 2014 Winter Olympics knows about the outrage caused by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to sign into law an act prohibiting the promotion of nontraditional sexual relationships to minors. The law isn’t only disappointing from a basic human rights perspective, but specifically worrisome for gay Olympians, who fear they may face discrimination or even arrest while participating in the games. Activists all over the world have made their feelings about this situation known — from American LGBTQ groups to Sweden to, now, even the Broadway community.

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