Sunday, November 02, 2014

Worth a Look

Here are a few posts from last week's Greenpage that might be worth your time...

Chicks Rule

Systems Contractor News - November 2014 [28 - 29]

Cirque du Soleil looks to the cloud to transform HR Global dance company Cirque du Soleil has implemented cloud-based HR service SuccessFactors to help manage its staff as they travel around the world. Cirque du Soleil tours in more than 100 cities on a yearly basis – with the direct support of an employee group made up of artists, operations and management professionals from 50 different countries. The organisation said it was looking for a platform that offered both remote access and could handle the extremely complex realities of a global workforce, always on the move.

Gamergate is dead

The Verge: As an activist movement with the ability to inspire positive change, Gamergate is dead. Its constituents and its hashtag will remain — and I suspect will be, for sometime, as fierce, aggressive, and vocal — but these remainders represent a hate group and its banner, associated with bigotry and cruelty.

Gamergate died ironically from what it most wanted: mainstream exposure.

The Show Must Go On: Working When Sick

2AMt: The 2014-15 theatre season is underway, causing me, desperately, to try not to fret over photos of strangers in first table reads as they begin to train their instruments to say those words (repetitively) throughout the rehearsal process and within eight shows a week (plus student matinees). I see actors hunched in their seats around a table, script in front of them, and want to transport myself into the room and just “fix” things – not only because of the physical issues and their impact on vocal power and resonance I addressed in the post about The Impact of Technology on an Actor’s Body, but also because I know what happens to a body when the other shoe drops. You see, the theatre season for most companies coincides directly with cold and flu season.

How to Mic a Zombie Zombies exist solely in the realm of fiction — or do they? Audio-Technica thinks it better to be safe than sorry. Surviving a zombie apocalypse relies on preparedness in every aspect of life. Yes, that includes microphone technique.

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