Monday, August 23, 2004

Hours of digging and I've struck - desk

Back to the office today. I've made a terrible discovery: the kids are back. Following along with the "oh my god" post of several days ago, I am not ready.

No no no. Really, can't we start late this year?

Actually, through the wonders of SME scheduling I will have to be starting a little late this year. My first meeting as a Subject Matter Expert for the rigging certification is also the first meeting of my Tech Direction class. Whoever said "when it rains it pours" had it right.

Anyway, back to the office. I spent today clearing the vestiges of pre-college and a bunch of meetings, and after a while I discovered that it wasn't just a huge stack of papers, but that there was in fact a desk underneath. Good to know, I was worried about that.

So, things are now organized enough for me to know that once again I am way behind. I haven't actually written out a list yet, but I can see it in my head and it's well onto page two. This of course makes me wonder just what I have been doing with the summer, and to consider how much of what I'd planned to do at the beginning of the summer I actually got to. The TO DO list for this past summer was just ridiculous. It looked something like this:

Buy house, buy car, buy computer, buy engagement ring, propose, close up apartment, move, unpack, buy furniture, organize personal files, clean up bank accounts, write book, go on vacation...

What could I possibly have been thinking?

Looking back at the end of the summer and at close to two thirds of that list crossed off I guess I did ok. Adding pre-college, cat surgery, out of town wedding, and two sets of parent visits I think perhaps I had the most productive summer I possibly could have had. But still here at the end of August it seems like there is still quite a bit of unfinished business left over, and that the list is beginning to grow again. If I had one of those red and green hourglass things from the Churrascaria on my desk I would definitely set it to red until I had a chance to catch up.

My understanding is that there is already a pool among the students as to how the wedding planning will effect their lives. I personally think that the new commute will be a bigger deal, but the life to do list will probably be a factor as well. Still, having a list is what keeps us from getting bored, yes?

Ok, enough blogging for today, this is definitely not on any list.

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Anonymous said...

just dying to know which 2/3 of the "list" did you accomplish, because I am QUITE impressed!!!