Sunday, October 29, 2006

Applied Technology

Today I took this picture with my phone.

For the record, this is the first use of my camera phone for something other than putzing around. To make it even cooler, I used the SMS picture messaging capability to send the image to the Scene Designer. We had a question in real time about whether something needed to be adjusted for sightlines and needed to get the input from the design team. It was actually very nice to have the capability to wirelessly and instantly (almost) send an image to someone else in the course of my job.

And all this time I thought the picture messaging was completely worthless. Is it possible that streaming video to your cell is also useful for something?


peg said...

Only if you work in rodeo, is what I've heard.

Katy said...

Peg is funny.

Does the play take place in a museum?

David said...

It is in fact not a museum, but rather an abandoned toy store far enough 5th avenue that the Duquesne Cops are subbing for their CMU couterparts in making sure everyone comes home safely.