Thursday, March 01, 2012

Worth a Look

Here are some posts from last week's Greenpage that might be worth your time:

Do You Need Permission To Take A Photo With A Chair In It? You Might In France...

Techdirt: The British Journal of Photography (BJP) brings us yet another story of aggressive assertion of copyright wreaking harm on artists -- the very people it allegedly empowers. It concerns some photos in Getty Images' stock library that have chairs in them. Because a few of those chairs are "famous" in the sense that they were produced by a couple of designers that worked with the architect Le Corbusier, the heirs of those designers, together with the Le Corbusier Foundation, have sued Getty Images in France for copyright infringement -- and won.

Female playwrights still face sexism – it's time we admitted it What would the playwriting landscape look like if all submissions to theatres were done anonymously, removing any question of gender bias? Or at least, when plays were sent out to be considered by reading committees, the title page was removed? Some theatres already operate in that way, most notably Liverpool's Playhouse and Everyman, where readers don't know whether the author is Alan Bennett or a first-time female playwright.

TEDx Broadway videos are live.

Ken Davenport - Opinions from a Broadway Producer: One month ago, almost to the day, several hundred passionate people converged on New World Stages for the first ever TEDxBroadway conference. It was a very exciting day, with great speakers from our industry like Jordan Roth, Greg Mosher, Randy Weiner, Damian Bazadona and many more. And it also featured great speakers from outside our industry like Patricia Martin, Barry Kahn, Steve Gullans, Juan Enriquez and, you guessed it, many more.

ACE to include 'green clauses' in funding contracts

The Stage: Arts Council England is to incorporate eco-friendly clauses into its funding agreements with national portfolio organisations, making it the first arts funding body in the world to have environmental sustainability as a requirement of subsidy. As a minimum requirement, NPOs will need to measure and improve their water and energy use, with the new clauses embedded into all funding programmes over the next three years.

What Values Matter In Arts Grad Training Programs?

Butts In the Seats: This weekend Scott Walters quoted an extensive comment made on another blog about the value of MFA acting programs. The gist is, students are ill served by the programs which need to focus on training students for 21st century opportunities. This struck a chord with me because I had recently read a Fast Company article about how UC Berkeley’s Business School started to screen applicants based on whether they embodied the school’s core values. The school had decided to embrace these values in the interests of creating a “reduction of overconfidence and self-focus, which are perceived to be excessively present among the business graduates and leaders of the top business schools.”

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