Thursday, March 08, 2012

Worth a Look

Here are some posts from last week's Greenpage that might be worth your time...

The digitalization of live performance

You've Cott Mail for Mon Feb 13: The success of the Metropolitan Opera's HD broadcasts in cinemas around the world has some New York theater producers seeking similar returns. A new company, Broadway Near You, plans to produce 3-5 theater broadcasts this year, and to develop a subscription series for viewers across the country and abroad. And a Brooklyn-based company, BY Experience -- which distributes broadcasts for the Met and the National Theatre in London, and last year produced a broadcast for the Roundabout Theatre -- is working on three more U.S. theater productions this year.

Rose Brand Announces Top Scholarship Finalists

Stage Directions: Rose Brand announced the finalists of the Rose Brand Scholarship today on their Face Book Page. The top 10 were comprised of graduate and undergraduate students from across the United States. The finalists will now be judged by a panel of high profile experts in the industry, which includes Scenic Designer & Tony Award Nominee, Anna Louizos; Hudson Scenic CEO Neil Mazella; Scenic Designer & Tony Award Nominee, Beowulf Boritt; and Production Designer & Emmy Award Winner, Joe Stewart.

Julie Taymor Blames Bono and The Edge for 'Spider-Man' Problems in Latest Court Filing

Hollywood Reporter: Julie Taymor, former director of the Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, has filed her response to the producers' countersuit over her departure from the show. The Academy Award-nominated director describes what 8 Legged Productions had to say in January as "over thirty pages of highly sensationalistic, false and misleading allegations aimed at blaming Taymor, as a co-author of the musical, for problems encountered in development of the musical and assassinating her character and professional reputation."

Are Contact-Less Screws The Future? There are all kinds of fasteners available that can solve just about every fastening need. We have screws and nails, and when we don't want to see the fastener, we have glue and a lot of clamps. But if the Invis Mx from Lamello is any indication of what is to come, contact-less screws just might be the future. Yeah, I am talking about a screw that never touches the screwdriver.

ETC Offers Classes at 31st Street Studios

Carnegie Mellon University: The Entertainment Technology Center will offer some classes at the 31st Street Studios in Pittsburgh's Strip District this semester, where students will have access to an advanced motion capture system and opportunities to take part in major film productions. The studio on Feb. 27 announced it would partner with Paramount on Location, a division of Paramount Studios Group that provides production support services, and Knight Vision Motion Capture, a digital production company. Knight Vision was founded by James Knight, who developed motion-capture techniques for the movie "Avatar."

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