Sunday, May 20, 2012

Some Crit Extras

A couple of loose ends from the Spring 2012 Semester Reviews cycle.

 Early Reviews:

There were a couple of folks that had to blow town early for their summer gigs. We did their reviews on the final Thursday of class.

First up is Sophomore TD Daniel:

... he had to run off to Asia to help work on a themed environment project.

Next is Grad1 TD Luke...


... he had to wing off to New Mexico to build operas.

The Giant Ipad:

For quite some time now I have thought that the new way to fill out crit presentations should be projections.  We've had some projection content before, but not like this...

... Jackson has upped the bar for the future.  Let's hope it is a persistent positive influence.

Senior Session:

The seniors did a really cool integrated photo collage...

... They all did their own presentation after, but did the composite display on the top of the boards.  They had a compilation video too.  All in all pretty cool.

In Town Showcase:

For the third year running we did a DP Showcase here in Pittsburgh the Saturday before graduation...

...  This year there were chicken fingers.  If you are in Pittsburgh next year you should come by.

Contrivance Project:

Kevin's last TD4 project this year was just sort of "Make something that does something."  Dale did this:

I think it's pretty cool.  I wonder if he calibrated it if he could make a really cool clock out of it.

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