Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring 2012 PTM Thesis Presentations

iPhone photos on Thesis day.  I've taken better pictures.

The morning session started with Brian's thesis: "What Note?"  The title is actually longer but I think I like just the opening bit.

The point of this thesis was to examine the nature and distribution methods for rehearsal and production notes in an effort to figure out how to get better response rates from production teams.

The second PTM presentation of the day was Calvin's "Better Production Meetings."  It has a subtitle too, but again, the long titles don't seem to me to help the projects.

This project was about applying contemporary business theory concerning meetings to theatrical production meetings.  With the Basic PTM class I feel like I eat and breathe this stuff.

After lunch we were treated to Devorah's presentation "A Study of" NSFW "Content in Production."  Her title is WAY longer than that.  While I was editing with her I just switched to using "NSFW" as shorthand.

This thesis is an investigation of how various theatre school production departments handle "sensitive" content in their productions.  It left me wondering how theatre schools handle sensitive content in their classrooms.

Last up was Tom's project thesis.

Tom has been working on an Arduino based, "off the shelf" 110V 20A automation axis - actuator and control.  It's not quite there yet, but if he finishes it the thing could be a very interesting club in the bag for many small theatre TDs.

Congrats to all on their presentations.

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