Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Girl is Fine

This afternoon I heard a news story on the radio.  It was about a successfully concluded Amber Alert resulting from an arrest in Eastern Ohio.  The story ended "...the girl is fine."

The details of the story were that during an argument over custody arrangements the girl's father shot and killed the girl's mother and the mother's boyfriend.  He then took his daughter and ran from Western PA into Eastern Ohio before being aprehended.

I'd wager this girl isn't fine.

The choice of wording was a little jarring in real time.  I immediately thought that perhaps "unharmed" would have been a better word choice.  But then after a few seconds I decided even that is probably incorrect.  Just saying "alive" or "in the custody of..." seem too dour for what they were trying to say.  But filed under "keep it real" this kid's mother is dead, shot by her father who in all likelihood will be incarcerated for the next very long time.

Fine, uninjured, unharmed - probably not so much.  I do hope so someday, and soon.

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