Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Today I went down to the convention center to the RAPID Additive Manufacturing show.

After passing a long line of people waiting for the Megabus, I took this picture under the convention center:

I got into the show for free with my school ID - woohoo!  The show floor was pretty cool.  About half the vendors were scanning companies and half people that do fabrication or sell fabrication tools.  There was one company with a 6' tall dino skeleton.  I showed them a picture of me 14' project, which they thought was cool, but not as cool as theirs since theirs was made of 1" plate aluminum.

There were a bunch of 3D printers.

But i didn't spend a whole lot of time looking at them since we have already purchased one.

There was this one company: Mcor Technologies.  They had a 3D printer that was pretty different.  Instead of using resin theirs uses paper.  Not only that, but they've combined it with an inkjet printer so that you can print in full color.

That will definitely be worth checking out for the future.  Someone should tell them to come to USITT.

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