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Student #1 has left a new comment on your post "Operation Smile’s 15-Hour Job Interview: Unpaid Ca...":

I understand how this interview process would yield more results when looking for specific traits for a position. At the same time, however, I would hate interviewing for this company. I like to be extremely prepared for an interview. I research what the job duties entail and prepare myself accordingly to put my best foot forward with those details in mind. A certain level of adaptability is most likely expected and definitely a trait that is sought after when looking at an entry level candidate but to spring something this massive on a person with out any prior knowledge seems unfair. Maybe don't tell them exactly what they will be doing but at least give them an idea by saying you will be working in a team and will be utilizing these sets of skills. This interview method does show a lot of merit and i can see how this would give potential employer a much better overview on the candidate just maybe give them a bit more information upfront. 

Student #2 has left a new comment on your post "Stuff To Ponder: What Is The Definition of Emergen...":
When the polar vortex hit the midwest and the east coast, I did not even think about the repercussions it would have on the theatre industry. It is interesting, because you would think that bad weather would constitute more people wanting to attend the theatre, since there is not much to do in the winter months. However, when the weather is so bad that people cannot leave their houses without getting frost bite, it is a whole different story. This article brings up two points which I think are important to discuss: emergency disaster plans and refunds on tickets. First and foremost, it is definitely important for theatre companies to develop solid and well-known disaster plans. Often, I can imagine theatre companies may become preoccupied with other issues, such as ticket refunds, and forget that they have a building and people to protect in the event of a disaster. With that said, dealing with refunds in the event of extreme weather can also be tricky. No matter what a company decides on their refund policy, they should definitely be making it known to their customers upon purchase of tickets in the first place. 
Student #3 has left a new comment on your post "'Spider-Man' Not a Flop, Broadway Restaurateur Dec...":
I would not call Spider-Man a flop. What I would call it is a show that was unable to reach its full potential that was eaten alive by the press. Having seen the show twice there I can truthfully say that there is something very fascinating about the production. This would be the innovative design of the show. From the costumes to scenery to even the effects the way each departmental element worked together with the cast to create the world of the play was amazing. Even the interactions between the actors and scenery during a scene change was beautiful. However, the direction, choreography, book, music, and lyrics could use some more work. With some more time and the press not down the production's throats I think many more people would not consider it a flop. It also bothers me that the majority of people who refer to it as one have not seen the show, and have only heard of it from accidents on the news. To this I say that you cannot truly critique a work unless you have seen that work. 
Student #4 has left a new comment on your post "Create A Fake Artist's Portfolio In Seconds":
I really like the ideas Sures Kumar is bringing up with this project. The idea that we can teach computers to make our lives easier is nothing new. The ideas that "A man is only as good as his word" and that we can be defined as people by what we have done in the past, have also been around for a very long time. Pro-folio is a logical next step. I really like pro-folio as an art piece because it talks about something that is weird and removed from our daily lives, and yet by it's existence becomes something very very important to our daily lives. The article says "there's nothing any of us can do about it[machines generate artificial identities]". I'm not sure I agree with that. I think that although we may not know how yet, this is a problem that humanity will both create and solve at the same time. In some ways there are already ways to protect ones work. A simple signature has been used for a very long time. A self portrait is something that no one can every really claim as their own. I have faith that humanity will be able to find ways of protecting the truth behind who did what somehow. In all likelihoods it will be with the help of the very same technologies that are causing this problem in the first place. 
Student #5  has left a new comment on your post "9 Things Every Musician Needs To Know About The So...":
I couldn't agree with this article more. As a young sound guy I can say that i have only had to deal with this few times but when I have it gave me a pretty good understanding to what this author is saying. To start off I have to say that I agree with Philip that this can be applied for any "house" person. In the few times that I have had this problem I would have to say that 4 out of every 5 times the problem hasn't even been with musicians. I think however that it is often the worst when you see some young band acting like they're the Led Zeppelin of the 2000s. They walk in thinking that you know nothing about what you're getting paid to do and treat you like so. One group of people that may be even worse than a bigheaded musician is the friends and family of the talent. One memory of this was when I was mixing a Battle of the Bands event. For this particular show we only had one day to rehearse 20+ bands. With a rehearsal schedule like this i was left doing a lot of fine tuning for the show and I can honestly say that within the first 30 seconds of every set I would get some mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. come up and ask if I could turn up their respective friend. Its times like those that really make me angry. can't these people just wait 1 damn minute before making uneducated requests on how I should mix the show.

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