Sunday, January 19, 2014

Worth a Look

Here are some of last week's Greenpage articles that might be worth your time...

Stuff To Ponder: What Is The Definition of Emergency?

Butts In the Seats: This last week I have gotten some real lessons in the importance of disaster planning.
During the quiet of the holidays I started a conversation with some colleagues about how we would handle inclement weather on performance days. Everyone keeps telling me how they try to shy away from scheduling shows in January because the weather is so bad. With that in mind, I wanted to have a plan for how we would proceed before the need arose.
Since we present a number of touring shows, we would be in a position of needing to pay artists per our contract unless the weather is so bad a state of emergency is declared. In that case, we would issue refunds to the ticket buyers.

Meryl Streep's Feminist Tribute to Emma Thompson

The New Yorker: Forget the Oscars. We already have a winner for best award-show speech of the season, and it’s a tie: Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson. On Tuesday night, at the National Board of Review gala, Streep, whose speeches are perfect, delivered a humdinger of a tribute to Emma Thompson, who was receiving the best-actress honor, for “Saving Mr. Banks.” (The ceremony was untelevised, but Bennett Marcus, at Vanity Fair, provided a transcript.) With her customary self-satirizing loopiness, Streep took the stage wearing a “Prize Winner” hat (swag from the producers of “Nebraska”) and remarked, “What? Oh, I’m not the prize winner. That’s so weird.” By the end, she was lionizing Thompson in verse—because Meryl Streep writes poetry—in “an ode to Emma”

Actors Jam Meeting to Seek Higher Pay for Tours More than 350 Actors’ Equity members packed a union hall and overflow room on Friday to demonstrate visibly their concern about lower salaries for musical theater performers on national tours, a source of intensifying frustration that has led Equity leaders to schedule a town hall meeting with members on Jan. 27.

Helen Kelly: The Hobbit Dispute

Scoop News: Hostility to unions in the film industry is not new and although SAG have made major strides with Warner Bros since that time, the same hostility has been evident many years later and closer to home. We say this occurred last year when Peter Jackson would refer, contemptuously, to the members of Actors Equity seeking to negotiate terms and conditions for performers working on the making of the film The Hobbit as the “Equity 200”.

Create A Fake Artist's Portfolio In Seconds

Co.Design | business + design: Just type your name, and Pro-Folio will create your own website full of stolen art. But it’s not just a great prank; it’s the future of identity.

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