Thursday, June 14, 2007

GTZ Update

I haven't been writing a lot. I guess I really am on vacation. Speaking of, anyone want to guest blog while I am on my actual vacation? Send me an email and I'll hook you up.

The GTZ project continues apace. As of today I have two clean inboxes and only six messages left in the "todo" box. I've got my eye on them. I don't think they will finish out the week, meaning this TGIF will also be TGIGTZ!


If you are playing along at home, I have had to create two helper folders to make this really go. The first one is "followup." This is stuff that I guess would previously have been in my "deeptodo" folder; things I don't have to answer anytime soon, but that also don't really want to get filed where I won't see them. Historically I would just let this stuff accumulate in the to do folder for months and then clear it out at a binge. I think a seperate folder for this isn't cheating.

The other new folder is "reference." This is for other flotsam that used to clutter my inbox and todo box. I've created this folder for messages that don't go anywhere in my filing, don't need answers, and cannot be lost under any circumstances. What's that you say? Shipping notifications, travel confirmations, reservation confirmations; all things that are ephemeral, they only matter until the event passes and can then be deleted but they still might be around for up to a month.

Perhaps I should have called these folders "flotsam & jetsam." With the reference stuff being flotsam, as it is floating at the surface, current and the followup stuff being jetsam, sinking beneath the surface. That works as an organizational tool AND would have made a much better title for this post.

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