Friday, June 01, 2007

Studio 60

Did you know Studio 60 was on tonight? Did you know Studio 60 was on last week?

Note to NBC: If you expect people to watch your shows, you ought to do something to promote them. I don't watch Heros or Friday Night Lights but I always seem to know when they are on. I do watch Studio 60. I've really been missing Studio 60, and here it was on again and I had no idea. It's not like I don't watch TV. What's up with that?

How's a show supposed to make a ratings comeback if you never tell anyone its on? You might as well run it this Sunday against the Tony's, both of them: The Tony Awards and the Tony Soprano's.

This has to be one of the best crafted shows on television and I get the feeling they would really rather just see it fade away quietly. That's really too bad. The only reason I knew to watch tonight was that I happened to buy a paper today and see a listing. Pretty random.

Tonight's show had the same problems all the one's before it did. Seems like about half way through the season they got the feeling they weren't going to get a second season so they needed to air every plotline they could think of at once. The show tonight was the same way, just too much going on to remain interested in anything with any depth. And yet, the last 15 minutes were killer. In a strange way I could almost see how all of the preceding noise had built little by little to that moment at the end where he broke that really expensive TV. I was shocking and emotional and something other shows never really touch. Really, very good television.

It appears that they are now putting full episodes online, so I can go catch the episode I missed last week. That's nice.

There's plenty of lousy TV that gets renewed every year. Isn't there a throw away timeslot, maybe against Lost or Battlestar Galactica where they can stick a really good show just because its good? I'll buy the Tivo and promise to watch the commercials - really I will.

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sarah d. said...

Only reason we caught them was that our Tivo was still set to record it - even though we thought it was gone for good...

Last week's episode was great - Allison Janney guest hosted, and the West Wing jokes abounded... Only thing was, they forgot to write Matt and Danny into it - still haven't figured that one out...

I do get the feeling, though, that they've decided to give up on the "inner workings of the entertainment industry" angle, and now the live TV show is just a backdrop for more universally-friendly plotlines. If that's what it takes to keep them on the air, I guess that's what they have to do - but I do miss the inside jokes... =)