Wednesday, August 29, 2007

David is Lame, Two Days Without Post

Back to school. Guess we'll have to get into the swing of things before posting picks up again. I've had two faux classes so far - policy rundowns. One more course intro tomorrow and then the first full blown class is Thursday.

So far the hill is pretty steep. Got to get me some sherpas or something.

For those keeping track, I am teaching Technical Direction solo and participating in Studiocraft and Studiocraft II as a CAD instructor. Somewhere along side of that I have two thesis projects to make happen. This semester would have been Production Planning too, except the curricular review ate it. Guess I'm lookking to pick up a fall class when we figure out what we're doing with the rest of the roll-out.

I am also once again coordinating the frosh Stagecraft class although I am not teaching it (its like all the prep and all the grading but none of the facetime, probably the worst possible distillation - still, it makes the class possible). On top of that we're Crazy Scheme again this year, trying to produce all of our shows with no Grad3 or Senior Technical Direction students. I sure hope the Juniors are up to it.

How's the joke go?

"Back on your heads."

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