Sunday, August 19, 2007

Third Anniversary Post

With sticktuitiveness I could not have anticipated I have completed three years for publishing this blog. The page also hit 50,000 visits this year. That's fairly staggering.

I looked at the second anniversary post before starting this and I was interested to see that it says the blog had shifted from politics to life and work. If I hadn't said it then, I certainly would say it now. The page has gone from a commentary platform to a communication tool, sounding board for ideas, and almost an online portfolio. I am posting more pictures (even some video) and writing shorter pieces. It seems also that I am more likely to post a link to a political or current events piece than I am to write about it myself. Partly I think this is due to the feeds. I'm reading quite a bit more and often when I get a kernel of an idea to write from by the time I get to the end of my feed list I've found a piece saying just that. If you're missing the opinions, subscribe to the "shared items" feed. Most of the source material winds up there.

The numbers:

TANBI 06-07

Posts: 418
Ellipses: 28
Memes: 26 over four posts

So, I've broken the "post per day" barrier. That's about crosslinking more than writing I think. Memes dropped way off, which is in the end probably a good thing.

Some highs and lows:

Most Pictures:

That's probably get most outbound links too.

Most Video:

Most Comments:

although that was voting, maybe that shouldn't count. There were a few 7 and 8 comment posts but overall I think commenting is down.

Coolest Pic:
We'll do three: one found, one I took, and one someone took of me...

Worst Pic:

Top 10 Posts:
Going through I started with 21, but I've narrowed it to ten. A lot less politics, not really even much complaining - ok a little complaining. Overall a nice set of posts I think.

#10 Believe it or not, I can Explain This
#9 We The People
#8 World Breathes a Sigh of Relief... Braces for Coming Culture War
#7 Perhaps it can be Thought of as Conservation
#6 Public Service
#5 Yard Art
#4 What Did You Do With Your Weekend?
#3 It's Game Day
#2 Grading, Derby Style
#1 What Is "Theatre" About

It's a wrap.

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