Monday, July 25, 2011

140 Characters or Less...

  • 10:00 Why isn't a cut to Medicare a TAX HIKE for retirees? We seem to have no trouble with that logic for corporations. #
  • 10:46 Why is a cut to a corporate subsidy called a tax hike when a cut to a public retirement subsidy isn't? #
  • 10:56 @bpeoples they are both money paid out. #
  • 10:57 One CSR at the bank. Now waiting 30 minutes. Nice job Citizens. #
  • 12:32 When the Republicans rhetorically say now, 'Who would raise taxes in a recession?' the answer is Ronald Reagan. #
  • 12:52 I wonder what Nexflix would have to charge for them to license and stream everything? More than I pay for cable? #
  • 13:06 @CarnegieMellCFA 'sup? #
  • 13:07 @matt_dollinger tell me how you really feel. #
  • 13:49 It might be cooler out, but it by no measure cool. #
  • 17:10 writing an email that even I'm not reading anymore - probably won't achieve much. #
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