Friday, July 15, 2011

Dinosaur Workshop - Summer 2011

After a one year hiatus the CMU Drama Precollege Dinosaur Workshop made a comeback.

We added a new guy this year: the pteranodon...

Since I started doing this project I've been thinking about hanging one of those in a tree in my yard. Although, this year we made the decision to clean up the entire exercise by electing not to use the exterior plywood that had been so difficult in the past. So no outside displays this year. Also I think all the students are going to take their pieces home with them, so there will be no leftovers for me. Very sad.

This is the fourth time we've done the project and the second time we've gone "super-size." This time we did one of the Stegosauri as the large scale:

This piece is about 13-14 feet long and maybe 7 feet to the tip of the tallest plate. I'd been under the impression that this one would be larger. We did a large scale several years ago and it came out 17' long and 12' tall. This one had many more pieces so I'd thought it would come out larger. Now that I think about it after the fact, our methodology makes a puzzle with more pieces ultimately come out smaller. Using that logic, we should blow up the pteranodon next, as it has the least number of pieces of any of the models we've done.

We took everything outside again this year. I lost my display space form the last time to some campus construction so this year we moved up to the main entrance of Purnell. It was nice to get them out under the sun for photos, but it seemed to me that just about everyone took today off (maybe sleeping off late night Deathly Hollows) and so foot traffic wasn't really what I hoped it would be. Still the people that were around did seem to enjoy the work.

Here's a slideshow of all the pictures from this year's workshop.

This is for scale, just in case you haven't been able to tell:

If you are in town, some of the work will be in the Purnell lobby and the scene shop through the weekend.

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