Thursday, September 13, 2012

Smooth Criminal 2012

So we brought back the Smooth Criminal project this year in Technical Direction 3. I can now safely say everyone did a great job and although we were pretty nervous about it nobody fell over.

I think if I do the project again in the future I am going to specify a required final angle as after discussion it seems like there would be more R&D required if instead of just doing the best they could they actually had to reach a certain angle of lean. Probably it would require additional modification of the boots. We also talked about maybe putting together an actor, a TD, and a costume technologist into three person teams working together. Maybe next time. For this round we can now declare a winner in the lean but don't fall competition.

First up is Robert:

Robert only manages a 20 degree lean, but he's tall and there'd be a lot of torque in play. Then there's Sonia:

Sonia managed a 21 degree lean. her choice of shoe basically negated any help she would have gotten from her ankles for a deeper lean. Who knew?  I think she's also the only one actually leaning forward at the waist.

Next is Tiffany:

Tiffany gets to a 27 degree lean. Now we're starting to get into the range we need to be. I think Tiffany gets further forward in the group shot above.

And finally we have Luke:

Luke pulls off a 36 degree lean making him this year's champion by 9 degrees.

Congrats to everyone on work well done and on time!

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