Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Worth a Look

Here are some posts from last week's Greenpage that might be worth your time...

Planned L.A. Production of 'Deathtrap' Canceled Amid Controversy The L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center’s fall production of “Deathtrap” won’t go on, now that a creative dispute with playwright Ira Levin’s estate has derailed the popular show. “It was the best-selling show we’ve had in 14 years,” producer Jon Imparato told Backstage. The production had been set to resume a six-week run in the 50-seat Davidson/Valentini Theatre in September. The five-actor original cast had all signed on, and some had turned down work to continue doing the play, Imparato said.

All The Ways Your Company Is Killing Productivity At Work According to this awesome new infographic from Atlassian, you can see exactly all the ways your employees are wasting time. Too much email, pointless meetings and interruptions by fellow workers are the main culprits. Pointless emails waste time but it seems that those meetings you have everyday are the real killers. On average, an employee attends 62 meetings each month and considers half of them as time wasted. That’s 31 hours, or three quarters of a work week, spent in unproductive meetings each month.

Meet the Makers

Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire: Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire is proud to announce this year’s makers, who will exhibit, demonstrate, perform and teach at the 2nd annual faire on Sept. 22, 2012 from 10am-4pm at Buhl Community Park and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh on Pittsburgh’s North Side.

Behind-the-scenes Godzilla photos were charming, absolutely ridiculous A wee while ago, we looked at a behind-the-scenes snapshot of Godzilla out for a stroll with a lovely woman on his arm. It's a fantastic photo certainly, but this tableau was but one of dozens of endearingly weird shots of the famed monster off duty. Here's a boatload of casual kaiju photos from throughout Godzilla's history, including several (toward the end) of his other tokusatsu buddies at rest.

When The Convention Ends, Grab Everything Not Nailed Down As soon as House Speaker John Boehner gaveled the 2012 Republican National Convention to a close late last night, delegates started grabbing everything with the convention or party logo in sight. Balloons and confetti from the convention are a cool souvenir but the tri-corner signs are the biggest prize at national party convention.

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