Tuesday, March 12, 2013

FIOS Are You Listening

Because here's a thing I want.  I want a device called a guest room box.  It should be tiny.  It should do what I used to know as basic cable and expanded basic, but does not need movie channels.  Really probably just ESPN, CNN, and local channels would probably work, but since I know it probably isn't a big deal lets get the wider arrangement.

I mean otherwise what I am talking about might be called an "antenna."

So I want this tiny little limited function box.  It should have a remote.  Doesn't have to be a universal remote, just a remote for changing channels - maybe enough functionality to access the channel guide.  Really I guess is doesn't even have to be able to power up and power down the box, and we can keep using the TV remote that we all have to turn on and off the TV.

Ok, now potentially the hard part.  I want this this to be wireless.  4G/3G cellular is fine, WIFI is fine, power line network is fine; just no additional devices and no additional wiring.  I need it to be so that wherever my guest in my home is staying that they can have TV there, and I can't need to know months in advance when I install cable.

Tiny, limited function, wireless device.

One more thing.  It should be free.  No monthly fee.  See almost all of the time I won't be using this box, because it is for when guests come to stay.  You are doing this as a convenience for me.  Now probably people will abuse this and use the thing as a whole additional box.  I guess since all the boxes are individually addressable you could put a quarterly cap on usage, where if exceeded I just get charged for an additional box.  Hold it to like 20 hours every four months or something.

If that's all just too much for nothing then I guess I would live with a pay/go enable system.  So if I know I have guests coming for the next four days I can enable my box from the website for like $1/day or some such nominal fee.

That'd be nice. Can I have that?

Alternately you could just do a Roku app with the live streaming capability of the iPad app.


elj said...

So... I don't get cable TV, but I have a relatively modern LCD TV, and I can hook up an antenna, let it scan the channels, and then watch a variety of local stations in shockingly high definition. I use the TV remote to change channels, the TV shows what channel I'm on (Fox) and what's playing (Glee). I watched the olympics this way and only occasionally had signal interference issues (usually right when the gymnast started the dismount). Maybe you just need a new TV?

David said...

This is true. I've never checked the HD broadcast availability. My experience when I got here was that the reception in Pittsburgh was crap without cable. But maybe it is different with digital.

Walt said...

I don't get the whole TV in the guest room thing. Aren't your guests ther for a limited time, and don't you want to spend time with them? At least watch TV together in the main room.

David said...

Yeah, there's a dimension of that. It's about longer visits and getting some downtime. Also right now the options are the kitchen and the TV room and the TV room is... formidable (like 120" projection) so I can understand wanting another option.