Sunday, March 10, 2013

Greenpage Crosspost

This week's articles:

1. The Largest Floating Stage in the World
2. The Stop-Motion Puppets of Frankenweenie
3. Cover Letters: Top 10 Tips To Writing A Successful One
4. SeaWorld Orlando announces grand opening for Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin
5. Making Your Business Card Social-Media Friendly
6. "Don't Imagine That You Can Bully Me"
7. Fashion interns don't get paid
8. Failgreat (Diversify Production idea)
9. Donyale Werle to Speak at USITT 2013
10. How Big Business is Stymying Makers' High-Res, Colorful Innovations

Featuring: Matt, Cat, Margo, & Lauren


Ross Hudgens said...

Hey David,

I am a consultant for SeaWorld Parks, and I stumbled into this post mentioning our new ride Antartica and wanted to say thank you. Posts like these go a long way towards getting people in the park and spreading education and smiles around our animals. It means a lot!

Anyways, I am reaching out today to see if you would consider linking to SeaWorld on the page. We greatly appreciate the mention on your summary but every little link can go a long way towards helping both your readers and potential park goers learn more about what we do and increase visibility around SeaWorld so more people can learn, smile and have fun! Our Antartica is here:

I know that's a lot to ask and I greatly appreciate it if you would consider it - what you've done already is super appreciated and if nothing else, consider this e-mail a thanks!

Hope you have a great week. :)

Ross @ SeaWorld Parks

David said...

Done, done, & done.

Thanks for saying thanks!