Monday, March 18, 2013

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Here are this week's contenders:

Comment #1: a new comment on your post "Don't Screw It Up":

This article really opened my mind up to problems 3D printing is facing that I hadn't thought of at all before. For years now I've been really in to 3D printing, but I had never heard about the legal problems that might spring up. I feel as though the 3D printer is the latest in a line of machines that vastly changed the way the life's of normal people works. The first was the printing press that allowed the masses to read. Next came the typewriter that let the masses write. After that the internet let the masses share ideas. Now 3D printers are letting regular people build. In connection with the sharing that the internet allows it's a powerful combination. I don't know how to deal with copy rite laws and the current companyes that make things for the world, but I do no that limiting 3D printing is the wrong way to go. After all copy rite was made to make more inventions and ideas, not less. 
Comment #2: a new comment on your post "Happy Birthday":
While generally I am all for songs being copyrighted there are two that I feel have no grounds what so ever to be so. The ABC Song and Happy Birthday. Those are the very first songs you learn as an American kid and you dont learn them from any one artist, you learn them by word of mouth and just from the people around you. We hardly ever hear them sung by anyone singing them as artists. It is not anyones original work, at least not anyone from the last century, so it should just be public domain. And it is very frustrating that somehow the copyright is always able to be extend even after it should have expired like any normal song that actually deserves a copyright would be. Happy Birthday is one of the few things in this world that, to the general public anyway, is not about making money, its sad that its not free. I am interested to see how much money is being taken in from holding that copyright, im sure it must seem worth it for the people that are making the profit. 
Comment #3: a new comment on your post "Guest Post: DGA Women Directors Foment a Rebellion...":
Being a female actor, not director, and being relatively new to the theater world, this issue never really occurred to me. But having read this article, now that I think about it, yes, most directors in the industry today are males. It is rare that you see a female's name as director of a film or see many women nominated in the Best Director category. I guess I had always just assumed that more men than women were interested in directing. I am so glad I read this article because as a female, it is so important for me to be aware of this issue so I can be an active advocate. It never occurred to me that women, like in so many other professions, are being denied opportunities and privileges just because of their gender and that their civil rights are actually being violated. Knowing this now, I am really happy to see that women are taking action. 
Comment #4: a new comment on your post "Cirque du Soleil star battles shoulder injuries, a...":
I recently saw this show back in Miami over Winter break and have to say that crystal man was by far one of my favorite parts of the show. He is definitely the most memorable part of the show. It's sad to think things like this happen to people like him. I'm glad he pulled his life back together enough to make a happy living for himself. Being a former gymnast myself, I can relate to having injuries that act as a road block to what you love to do. And when looking at why he quit gymnastics in the first place, I can also relate. It's stressful to realize that you can't be perfect or to not have someone help you as much as you'd like (like in my case) and it's frustrating and makes you feel like you can't do it and you sort of give up. However I was younger at that time and have learned to move away from those feelings but seeing this article kind of gives me hope that one day I will be able to pick up gymnastics again and use it to my benefit in the future while still doing the things I love most. 
Comment #5: a new comment on your post "U of Cincinnati Students Freaked Out Over Vagina A...":
I completely side with the student group who put up the pictures. Their goal of calling attention to the objectification of the female body is founded upon a real issue that more should be aware of. On the other hand, they are questioning the taboo that society has placed around the vagina and female sexuality. There are too many aspect of this issue for the article or myself to go into, but I believe those two are very important as well as promoting the public discussion of female sexuality and genitalia.
Groups like Student For Life are oppressive, and counter the development of a forward-thinking and free society. Why should they be allowed to post pictures of aborted fetuses if that other student group cannot post pictures of vagina? I disagree with their argument that these images provoke rape culture - what these images provoke is thought. And I think we could all use a little thought.

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