Sunday, October 06, 2013

Worth a Look

Here are a few posts from last week's Greenpage that might be worth your time...

How Government Shutdown Could Affect Entertainment

Variety: If the federal government shuts down after midnight Monday, TV and radio stations will see the process for pending license approvals ground to a halt, national parks will stop issuing film permits and a smattering of upcoming congressional hearings will be postponed or cancelled. Plans by theater owners to lobby Capitol Hill on Tuesday were in doubt.

Saving the Rock and Roll Soundboards

Tested: You’ve may have seen soundboards in the news of late. Last year, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl made a documentary about the legendary Van Nuys studio Sound City, and he purchased its equally legendary board, the Neve 8028. You may have also read about the guy who tried to sell the soundboard that recorded Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and how he had a hard time getting anyone to buy it. Seriously.

'Our Town' in Sing Sing

In the Wings: Darkness and light. There is plenty of both in “Our Town,” Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play. From January to May, men who live in one of the darkest places imaginable — Sing Sing Correctional Facility — got a glimpse of light by rehearsing and staging the classic work, under the auspices of Katonah’s Rehabilitation Through the Arts.

Interning is the new normal. But will it lead to jobs? Annelise Madison arrived on the campus of Washington and Lee University in 2010 looking for the best way to leverage studies in history and political science into post-college plans. The first stop on that path was an early internship, followed by more.

How The Makers Of "Escape From Tomorrow" Made A Twisted Disney World Horror Without Disney's Okay

Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce: After cinematographer Lucas Lee Graham answered a vaguely worded movie job posting, he showed up at a Starbucks to meet filmmaker Randy Moore about the gig. Graham recalls, "Randy's first question was 'How do you feel about shooting a movie in Disney World?' And I was like, 'Sure, I love Disney World,' thinking 'I'm not sure what strings this guy pulled to be able to do this, but it sounds great.'"

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