Sunday, May 20, 2007

All David Honor Roll Spring 2007

I've been delinquent with my honor roll posting this semester. Looking at this, I think its the most recognitions I have ever given for a single semester. I'll write that off to having more students rather than a softening of my grading.

The list:

Maddie Regan
Brian Grego

Micheal Cohen
Alex Serrano
Aaron Siebert
Steve Albert
Chapel Folger

Kyle Branigan
Ryan Hewlett
Joel Krause
Maya Nigrosh
Jefferson Ahn
Chris Gabriel
Joe Oneil
Candace Brekka
Travis Chinick
Sarah Hupcey
Ryan Tanker
Andrea Nysen
Jeannie Yun

Congratulations on a job or jobs well done this semester. Keep up the good work.

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