Sunday, May 13, 2007

Someone Didn't Like Their Crit

David Boevers - Carnegie Mellon University - "David Boevers constantly berates anyone within hearing distance. It is the practice of the program to give critical feedback, however this man takes it to a mean and vindictive end. His attitude is incredibly inappropriate in our pre-professional training program."

I've been told before not to read those things. Maybe I should listen. Some things are just hard to hear - for me, and apparently for them.


juicer411 said...

That's really unfortunate. Interesting that the comment goes on to do exactly what they claim you are doing - being vindictive. Your comments at crits were always on target - just not always welcome bites of reality for some . I'm sorry that comment is online - it's just wrong.

Anonymous said...

Why would someone put a comment like that on the internet? Are they that naive to the fact that life is hard, and anything BUT fair? They are going to have a rude awakening when they get "out there" and not everyone kisses up to them. I'm really sorry that people feel it's ok to post comments like that. :-(

Anonymous said...

"Someone Didn't Like Their Crit" should read this.