Monday, November 10, 2008

Anyone Know How To Make This Happen?

So I have a Facebook Friends Status Update RSS feed. I read this feed along with too many others in Google Reader. The reader allows me to tag posts of my choice however I want and as a bonus will generate a web page based on those tags - see The Greenpage or My Shared Items.

Lately I have become enamored with updates like these:

Shannon Nickerson is back at programming.


Josh said...

Not sure how to pull of the hanging in a frame on the wall aspect of it... or at least, with anything that's actually currently available.

However, I have been thinking of writing an iPhone app to do something very similar. When I'm working at home (almost always), my phone is sitting on my desk doing nothing. I think it would be cool to have it sitting in a stand and showing a stream of data like you said. I'd want weather updates and various other configurable data-sources too...

I may still write this. I think it would be cool.

David said...

after I wrote this it hit me that there are two other applications for this that would be real cool:

1. on a plasma screen in the lobby "what our grads are doing RIGHT NOW!"

2. same context on our website.

Have to be careful about the tagging, but it could be real cool.