Friday, November 07, 2008

Cultural Astronauts

I continue to slowly develop this argument that not only is conservatory undergrad right for drama students, but that for many reason conservatory might be the right approach for all undergraduate students. While riffing on this idea with one of the new head candidates I found myself saying "there's a reason we have a program so tough it has on more than one occasion caused a parent to ask What are you running there, some kind of boot camp? There's a reason they train Marines that way. There's a reason they train astronauts that way. It works. That's why we do it here. Graduates of our program are Cultural Astronauts.

It's a new thought, and just a label, but I really do think it is appropriate.

In response the candidate proffered that the White House's own Condeleeza Rice trained as a classical pianist. Today I heard that incoming White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is a former dancer.

Maybe it's not just talking.

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