Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And More Semester Reviews

The weekend is over, back on your heads. Day three of jumble crits.

We'll start with Grad2 PM/SM Calvin:

From S11Crits
Calvin had Rigging, Costumes, and Electrics this semester. Fairly well rounded for grad school.

Junior PM/SM Liz:

From S11Crits
Liz demonstrates for us that perhaps black is no longer a good semester review wardrobe choice now that we have the black board covers. Sort of like a weatherman with a chroma-key green tie.

Junior PM/SM Chris:

From S11Crits
I guess I really need to figure out a way to get juniors in a class.

Grad2 TD Tom:

From S11Crits
Tom sounds like he's finally found someone to take over his long standing carnival responsibilities, which is good because next spring wants to be all about thesis.

Junior PM/SM David:

From S11Crits
Is also a junior, so I have little to say, but really drives home that black outfit message. David tried to do a show this semester without hardcopy. I should have had him talk to Ben, who always said computers and email don't make less paper, they make more.

Sophomore LX/TD Robert:

From S11Crits
Robert lamented a lack of time in the shop. We'll have to do something about that.

Sophomore PM/SM Brian:

From S11Crits
Would you look at that smile, that might be a little demented. I wonder what he was thinking.

Grad2 PM/SM Devorah:

From S11Crits
Again with the black outfit. Devorah is heading into a real busy third year, SMing the first mainstage and then thesis, thesis, and more thesis.

Last up will be seniors and grad3 thesis (although I missed the opportunity to photograph one each a senior and grad3 who reviewed early - bummer).

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