Friday, May 06, 2011

Spring 2011 Semester Reviews

There's a reason the Picasa gallery for this blog is full of students standing in front of boards. That'd be semester reviews, and they're back. No shoe competition this year. I'm thinking maybe it will come back in the fall. Here's day one:

Grad1 TD Jake:

From S11Crits
I little bit screwed with Jake's presentation making him get up and sit down and get up again. His biggest current project is being assistant to the project manager for his upcoming wedding.

Sophomore TD Sonia:

From S11Crits
Sonia heard today that maybe we gave her the wrong advice last year. I often hope people don't remember what I said that far along. I'm hoping work with actual right and wrong answers will be good for her - bring on the Physics and Structures.

Sophomore PM/SM Ariel:

From S11Crits
Ariel is taking a summer off from theatre. I wish I could take a summer off from theatre. I suggested she should open a BW3. Her being a vegetarian it seems unlikely.

Sophomore BSA PM/SM/Mathematician Brian:

From S11Crits
Brian could use some more stuff on his board, just saying. I've told him he should move to Chicago as he could walk into any restaurant without a reservation and announce that he is the Alderman.

Junior PM/SM Brooke:

From S11Crits
Brooke got lovely feedback from Brian Russman on her painting. I might have said something nice about her painting but I didn't get the chance. Also it wasn't for my class, and it just would have been weird.

Grad1 PM/SM Taylor:

From S11Crits
Taylor said he had a real cool idea for his board but then he didn't do it because he didn't know if it would be well received. Now we'll never know.

Junior TD Charley:

From S11Crits
Charley's name sign on his board is pretty cool if you zoom up on it. I don't think he built that welder. He did lead the TV project this semester pretty well.

Sophomore LD/PM Jon:

From S11Crits
Jon really maybe should have tucked in today. I mean even I tucked in today and I wasn't critting. Jon was king of parking for carnival. Parking during carnival is one of my least favorite things - this year I took the bus. Maybe next year I will sample his work.

Junior PM/SM/TD Katherine:

From S11Crits
Katherine got my worst advice of the day. It's possible I told her she needs to work on being taller. That kind of advice ought to at least come with a pair of inversion boots or something. I'll try to do better next time.

Day two tomorrow.

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