Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Seniors, Seniors...

Yeah, they don't do that anymore - or I don't go to convocation - or maybe both.

The last round of crits is usually somewhat less critical. Here they are:

Job Seeking PM/SM Nicole:

From S11Crits
Nicole ran the last third of the crazy scheme this year. Westbound. Film & TV please.

Job Seeking PM/SM Kelli:

From S11Crits
Kelli ran Showcase this year. Westbound. Film & TV please.

Job Seeking PM/SM Elize:

From S11Crits
I'm not sure what the guitar is about. She also clearly knows something about Facebook profiles I do not.

Job Having BSA TD/Math Ariel:

From S11Crits
Ariel is going to Middle America to teach Math (and inevitably become the advisor for the technical theatre classes).

Job Seeking TD/LD Matt:

From S11Crits
I have to say, Matt seemed most interested in going back to summer camp to be a cook. After that he'll talk to Auerbach or FTSI or something.

No pictured: Job Seeking PM/LD Joe, because I am brain addled and Job Having PM/SM Kevin who is already working his new APM gig in NYC.

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