Saturday, May 07, 2011

Semester Reviews - Day Two

Back to the Wells Studio for another day of Semester Reviews. Turns out I was a little under the weather so I had to give the keys to Joe today. I hope I rally for Monday.

First up, Junior TD Ethan:

From S11Crits
Ethan will be spending the summer hearing about every mistake I ever made at Chicago Scenic. Strangely that's an improvement, as I am sure he didn't hear a single word about me last summer at Hudson. If you've got a room or a sublet with good access to Goose Island, Ethan would like to know.

Grad1TD Dale:

From S11Crits
Dale converted what I used to think was a fairly serious assignment into a doll house for his daughter. I won't hold it against him. When he was applying to the program Dale asked about how flexible the time commitment was and I told him we'd work with him. At his review I asked how that was going and he said it's fine because he only needs like 4 hours of sleep per night. I think I would hope for more sleep. On the other hand, they are just about to have another child, so sleep might be out of the question anyway.

Junior PM/SM Hannah:

From S11Crits
It was during Hannah's crit that I really realized I don't have the juniors in any class in the spring. If you are a junior and you're not in the scheme, then you are WAY off my radar. Hannah is a junior without time in the scheme.

Sophomore PM/SM Devrie:

From S11Crits
Devrie did the most whimsical joinery project in ScenOFab - heart heart is in the wood. I spend so little time in the shop now I think if I did a joinery project my blood might be in the wood.

Grad1TD Matt:

From S11Crits
Matt s[pent a big chunk of his session talking about outside projects and working in the costume shop. Normally that'd be a red flag for me in a grad, but this time it really wasn't.

Sophomore TD Tiffany:

From S11Crits
Tiffany spent a large chunk of her session talking about outside classes and working in the prop shop. Normally that would be a red flag for me in a sophomore. I'll have to consider that. It's a lovely drop she made for the prop people.

Grad2 PM/SM Brian:

From S11Crits
When Brian finishes up here at the School of Trauma we will be making a small coffee table book from his very creative crit boards. His musical score motif scored again.

Back on our heads Monday morning fresh.

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