Sunday, May 29, 2011

Next Up? Doors Apparently.

So the cabinet guys have disappeared for a while. They measured for the countertop and are coming back in about two weeks. We've undertaken our first project of the effort during the Memorial Day break. Mrs. TANBI is refinishing the iron railing out front. Yesterday is was brick red. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow it will be black. Today we discovered that prior to the red it had once upon a time been white, and probably started off its life green.

Prior to the holiday the drywall guys were finishing up, and the carpenters got going on our new doors. We're replacing all the exterior doors. For some reason they didn't appear to get through the listing process without becoming a little less than. We're getting new storm doors too, but we don't have them yet.

Here's the new front door:

That's with the original lockset. Eventually that will be replaced too. Then there's a new side door:

Right now that one doesn't even have a knob. So a little bit its a fancy wall panel. This door has blinds between the panels of the glass - cat safe blinds. I dare the cats to try to screw them up.

And a new back door:

This one is still in process. The back door also has the cat friendly blinds. Originally I was thinking we'd do a swinging door here, but in the end we just wound up with a new slider. It's more conducive to furniture layout - and is also more cost effective.

Speaking of cats. I didn't show the little pet garage the other day:

The pantry cabinet has a roll top door on the bottom. In all likelihood it'll be opened and stay open and we'll put the cats water fountain and dry food in there, tucked out of the way.

What else? Somewhere in the middle of this Mrs. TANBI found us someone to help out with the landscaping. They'd come by earlier to mow before we got a citation from the city. The other day they came by with a truckload of mulch:

I think the back yard is stating to come around.

Have a happy Memorial Day!

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