Monday, April 09, 2012

Dinos In Spring

I feel like I have taken this picture about 1000 times now.  What with the install and then the snow and then the repair and now with the onset of spring; it's been in my viewfinder a whole lot of times.

I will say I think that the sun early in the day in the spring looks real nice, and the green coming in adds a lot too.  Sooner or later those bushes in the foreground may really start to obscure things, but that might look cool too.

In this photo you can just barely see the steel stands on the Steg.  The greenery really helps hide the fact that it's feet don't quite touch the ground.

A little I am counting down days until we have to strike the pieces.  Because of some rules governing the public display of art on campus they can only be out for six months.  So some time in June we'll have to pull them - if the Parasaur doesn't pitch over before then.

Anyone got an idea where their next home should be?

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