Tuesday, January 01, 2013

First Night 2013

Another year, another First Night.

From FirstNight1213
Mrs.TANBI has a recurring New Year's Eve gig theming the Pittsburgh Cultural Arts District with dancing lights.  This was the first time the event has gone off with snow on the ground.  There's been rain and bitter cold, but never accumulated snow.  In the end it didn't seem to matter much, although I would guess that attendance was down from prior years.

Last year there were three lighting positions, two lifts and one parking lot.  This year what was tower one came off the street and was split into a parking lot and additions to the Highmark pedestrian bridge.  This was great because it took the last of the fixtures off the street and made it so the whole show could be focused and cued in advance (not much in advance, but in advance).

As usual, Mrs, TANBI did a great job.

She's already got new plans for next year, new fixtures, new positions.

I'm a kind of a supernumerary participant in things.  The first couple of years I was actually on the crew but I haven't had an official position in a long time.  Mostly now I am just an unpaid assistant for Mrs. TANBI and then I do a little traffic directing after the event - just try to look busy.

Anyway, great fun and another good job done by Mrs. TANBI!

From FirstNight1213

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