Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Making a List

It's that time again, the week before class and as usual my list has exploded.  The interesting thing to me is that in a week where it would be obvious to everyone that there is stuff to do for next week, in that week, a bunch of stuff that finds its way to my list has really nothing to do with next week  - some of that I suppose is my fault because it is projects which I have let slip.  But some of them are about projects weeks, months, and semesters in the future.

So what's on my list?  This semester I teach Basic PTM, Scenic Fabrication & Installation, Entertainment Rigging, and Studiocraft AutoCAD.  Four for real classes.  On top of that I have Grad3 Thesis, Grad2 Thesis, and Freshman Stagecraft.  This is the stuff that is on the top of the list:

  • BPTM Syllabus
  • ScenoFab Syllabus
  • EntRig Syllabus
  • CAD Syllabus
  • G2Thesis Syllabus
After that there's things from inside those classes:
  • BPTM Assignment #1
  • BPTM Guests
  • ScenoFab Pretest
  • EntRig Guest
  • CAD Assignment #1
Not all of that is for Monday, but really it should be.

Along with that there's stuff like travel plans for auditions, the class schedule for 1314, a report on the state of the PTM option, and posts for next week's Greenpage.

I'm sure I am forgetting something.  Oh yeah, and then there's production.

Don't get me wrong, it's a good gig.  But these aren't my favorite weeks.  I wonder when the copier will break.

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