Sunday, January 20, 2013

USITT Cosplay?

One of my students tweeted the other day how he had completed his USITT conference registration and that now he was investigating the cosplay possibilities.  People don't do cosplay for the USITT conference, but that doesn't mean it is automatically a no go.

I thought about it some and in my mind there's some fun to be had here.  I posed the question "What would be appropriate USITT cosplay?" to my Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, the Stagecraft mailing list, and - and now my blog.

Right off the top I had the thought that people could dress up as some of the more colorful USITT characters.

Maybe Loren Schreiber:

or Bill Sapsis:

or Randy Davidson:

I did think it might be really cool for someone to do something riffing on the IATSE bug:

That it has five spokes has just always seemed like arms, legs, and a head.  Might be a cool costume.

I started to get responses online.  One of them was "famous playwrights."  Ok, how about William Shakespeare?

Can't wait to see what else comes in from the hive mind.

Then I started thinking there could be something to do off of regular USITT exhibitors.  How about TOM CAT or ROSE BRAND, or CROSBY?  Those could be cool.

Also, I think some of the coolest cosplay projects are where a group does a whole team like the JLA or the Avengers.  Then I thought that even some of the things I had already come up with could be part of a league.  Maybe a group would do...

... The Long Reach Long Riders.  That would include many of the more colorful individuals.  Or maybe a group could be...

...Team PLASA, made up of a bunch of the regular exhibitors.

Now all we need are people that can come up with the outfits - and people willing to wear them.  Watch this space for other ideas as they come in.

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