Wednesday, February 06, 2013

How Much Would You Pay?

I get this email every day with merchandise they think I might want to buy. Pretty much always they are right, if I had all the money in the world I would certainly buy pretty much everything they suggest.
Today, one of the items was this:

They had run this particular item before and it had caught my eye. Mostly it is because Mrs. TANBI has dumped her old alarm clock and has been using her phone instead.
So when I saw the item I put the email in a holding folder and then came back to it later in the day, blew open the website and started to place the order.
... and then I remembered I work in a building with a fairly extensive carpentry shop. Less than 20 minutes later I had this:

Now I will admit it isn't perfect, in fact this is pretty much just a proof of concept. I think I got the proportions pretty close. The "snoozebar" functionality appears to work, even without the change in materials. I do think the slots are too deep, and set back too far - and this piece doesn't have a finish on it. So I guess the online product is probably still nicer than the DIY version. If I do another iteration I'll try to find some HDPE in the shop for the top and maybe buy some maple or poplar for the wood. I think I could probably even engrave something in the top with our new mill.
Not perfect, but not a dollar out of pocket either.

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