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Student #1 left a new comment on your post "Beyoncé. Horse meat. Lance Armstrong. We have to c...":

When I found out Beyoncé was lip syncing, my first thought was "well that doesn't surprise me". I'm not saying that I wasn't a little dismayed, it's just that I've grown accustomed to being disillusioned. we're always being lied to, it just if it's to protect us we don't mind, when it's to protect someone else, well that's goes against all our kinder garden morals. A text book no no of sorts.Of course, I would like to point out that doping and lip syncing are two VERY different things. Its the difference between cheating and chickening out, and therefore really shouldn't be compared. It's the fact that they were covered up thats the issue. It's as though average people are some child that you lie to because you can't bear to see the look on their face if you told them the truth. Admit it, we've all done it at one point in time or another. A little white lie to keep them happy, a little white lie to keep them quite. Lying is easy. It was easier for Beyoncé to lip sync in front of the president then to stand up in front of the entire country and say" I didn't have time to rehearse and the cold will make my voice cracks, I'm scared I might screw up but I'll give it my best shot." Who wouldn't be scared, especially when society judges stars so harshly. But fear's part of life isn't it. So yes I'm a little disappointed that Beyoncé lip synced. And yes I would like if the media was a little more truthful (I'd prefer not to second guess if the meat I'm eating is actually meat.) but Beyoncé is still human, so let's not be so quick to judge her when we all need to work on not telling lies or judging others to harshly. 
Student #2  left a new comment on your post "Hundreds Die in Brazilian Nightclub Fire":
Whats with all these places locking their exits?! Isn't that the entire point of having exits that you can walk out whenever you please, or run out screaming if there is an emergency. Im not sure how similar the fire safety laws in Brazil are to those in the US, but this is the second story in as many weeks that mentioned more than one fire where many of the deaths would have been avoided had the venues been properly prepared and had not locked the guests onto the building. Its pretty frustrating, fire safety laws exist for a reason and even though sometimes they are bent for the reason of entertainment that should just mean you are that much more cautious and prepared for if and when a fire does breakout. Thats a big part of going somewhere is that even if you aren't consciously thinking about it, you are depending on the fact that wherever you are is taking the proper measures to make sure you are as safe as possible and when places don't talk that seriously they are setting up a bad name for the industry. 
Student #3 left a new comment on your post "'Sound of Music' actress says Maria character a co...":
Although hearing the names "Rodgers and Hammerstein" brings to mind happy couples singing in fields together, the core of their musicals bring up much more radical themes than just the trials of love. The Sound of Music marks a families choice to revolt against the government they are governed by. They risk their lives to escape, never compromising their morals and values. Maria herself goes against the ruling power, in effect fighting against her own beliefs. Maria made sacrifices of her faith in order to serve an even higher cause of helping the family. Even the nuns lie in order to save the family from the Nazi's. The bible does not say "Lie within reason". It brings to mind the moral dilemma brought up in the JPS play Doubt. The head nun in doubt, says out loud what the sound of music only hints towards "When you take a step to address wrongdoing, you are taking a step away from God, but in his service." 
Student #4 left a new comment on your post "Culture Count: Life in Annie's Orphanage":
I can definitely relate directly to this article, although from the opposite perspective. I was a "child actress" in "The Nutcracker" when I was seven, and we had to have an adult guardian for the show. They were exactly what this Jill Valentine says they were - half stage manager and half cool aunt. We even had the same problem of keeping our overwhelming energy and excitement quiet while in the wings and the dressing room. The onsite guardian was invaluable to us; she would herd us to makeup and wardrobe at the right time, made she we were in the wings but well out of the way when we needed to be, and took care of our little needs, making sure we were well taken care of throughout the show. I can only imagine that Jill Valentine is just as invaluable to the production of "Annie," and I'm glad onsite guardians are gaining recognition for their important roles. 
Student #5 left a new comment on your post "Ohio High School Fires Director for Staging Legall...":
For a show that is about self empowerment and finding your own i think the firing of this teacher was completely unfair. People are so concerned on keeping their children innocent that they are forgetting the meaning of theatre and the great messages that can be told from it. If they want a high school friendly show then they need to continue doing high school related shows with high school characters, and even then if you create a show about high school, REAL high school, it will be much more raunchy than this.
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