Sunday, February 03, 2013

Interview Hyjinks

I'm away on the road interviewing earnest young theatre artists who are burning inside to be Design & Production.

Yesterday I got to the building and checked in and got in the elevator to ride up to the offices. On the elevator with me was a girl and her mother. The girl was obviously an earnest young theatre designer. I could tell this by her d-sheet sized portfolio - well that wasn't the only reason.

Anyway, I say to the girl "here for interviews?"

and she "says yeah, for like three schools."

to which I respond "well, I hope your interviews suck!"

and her mother looks at me like I am a crazy person. It was priceless.

It was also not nearly as scandalous as it sounds. The girl was one of our previous precollege students, one we have previously admitted to the School of Drama and one I am really hoping comes to Carnegie.

So more of a backhanded compliment.

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