Monday, May 13, 2013

Semester Reviews Day Three

And so the semester reviewing continues.  Back to the AM/PM schedule today.

Morning Session:

I guess we can start with Grad1TD Andrew...

... his response featured a joke by me that fell nearly totally flat (I'm not sure if Kevin is the only laughter that it can be called successful).

Next on the Grad2 PM/SM Jessica...

... David Holcomb took the hit but actually the smoking thing was me.

Moving along to Sophomore PM/SM Rachel...

... I don't think I was too formidable a lecture presence to the sophomore PM/SMs.

And then Junior PM/SM Shannon...

... she said her most valuable experience was not a class or a production assignment.

The morning rounds out with Junior PM/SM Tim...

... who reminded us, again, that he is fond of Disney.

Afternoon Session:

I don't know who made up these schedules but they aren't very balanced.

Just on PTM person this session.  Grad1TD Joe...


... He said he didn't have a tie that matched.

That wraps up the regular sessions.  Tomorrow we have thesis presentations all day long.

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