Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Dog Days

It's been kinda slow here for the month of June.  Without a regular work schedule I did manage to get a little bit of a break.  It's even slower over at In Process, my tumblr of current goings on in the PTM world of the School of Drama.  There's been the odd shot of a really clean, empty room and a couple of shots of our brand spanking new 3-D Printer.  I was hoping for shots to be submitted from students away at summer jobs, but that has only generated a couple of pictures.

So that the thing wouldn't come to a complete standstill I started posting at least one link each day.  I started out with some resources and a couple of shop pages where we have a relationship with the company.  For a little while I just started different internet keyword searches and posting the first shop I could find.  After that I got the idea to try to post a shop for each state in the union, alphabetically.

Clearly I haven't been putting too much shoulder to the wheel, so some of the states get a cursory look and then a pass.  I'll come back to Arkansas later.

Today was H, and I think I may have found an escape job.  Attco, Inc. is a full service scene shop with offices in Hawaii. 

Wouldn't that suck?

After CSSI and TEN I've usually been of the opinion that I am not really interested in going back to a commercial scene shop.  Plus you know... Tenured Technical Director.  Still, I think I might set up a news alert on this company just in case something isn't going quite right in my already idyllic life.  If there has to be running away, this seems like a good place to run away to.

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