Sunday, May 26, 2013

Peaked Too Soon

This evening I got to do the coolest thing.  I hooked the laptop up to the TV and watched The College Ultimate Open Semi-Final live.  I think this should count as national TV as I assume someone actually gets ESPN3 as part of their cable package even though it turns out we don't.  I had to use the Watch ESPN streaming feature on their website (which of course requires that you actually have cable - a rant for another day).

If you missed it there is going to be a rebroadcast on ESPNU later this week.  That running is scheduled to record on the DVR, but why wait when you can see it live online?

Pitt was one of the two teams playing in the semi I watched: Pitt Vs. Oregon.  The other Semi is Carlton vs. Central Florida (which is probably over is, Central Florida won).  I can't say I am a rabid Pitt Ultimate fan, but it was nice to be able to root for a Pittsburgh team and I will happily root for them in the final tomorrow.

For me though, the reason watching this game on television was so cool is that in the spring of 1989 I actually played in it.

1989 College Nationals was in Wilmington North Carolina and I was a junior in college.  I played for Carnegie Mellon's "Mr. Yuk" and it was my third and the team's fourth (and last) trip to Nationals.  We'd played really well in pool play.  I had actually thrown two goals: one a total rainbow hammer to Greg Wolff against Indiana and the other a much longer than I thought it was flat flick to Ron Papineck against North Carolina.  That year I was arguably the 7th starter or the first or second guy off the bench, a dedicated middle who could handle a little and would work real hard and smart on D.

We drew returning champions Santa Barbara in the semi-final.  I remember they had this fake up the line, dump over the mark break pass at the staple of their offense.  Midway through the first half I discovered that off a turn you could totally stymie their play by just standing in the break behind the mark and giving them the easy pass up the line which it turned out they didn't want.  They were so disciplined that they'd let the stall go up to 8 or 9 before they'd abandon the called play.

Yuk actually lead something like 8 to 3 at halftime.  After that we collapsed, or they really rallied, or both.  I think we lost like 15-12 in the end.  After the game we talked about easy things we forgot to do that could have got us another couple of points.  We never sent our handlers deep, we never threw our zone, really aggravating stuff in hindsight.  These days the teams actually have coaches, with clipboards, they probably would catch things like that (although I guess what would make one team better would probably make both teams better).

I think there was an ESPN in 1989.  I doubt there was an ESPN3 or an ESPNU.  Would have been nice if there had been though.  It would have been nice for my friends to have seen me play in the National Semi-Final (and would be great to be able to go back and watch a tape now).

I guess it will be enough to be able to do it vicariously.


Just write something already...  We have so much Doctor Who on the DVR watching it is suddenly a thing...  Just about time to start paying attention to hockey again...  I feel like I know exactly what happened in that Cincinnati IRS office - and it wasn't a conspiracy...  Have you been watching Orphan Black?  You really should be...  Company last weekend and this weekend.  Mrs. TANBI is back in prime entertaining form...  I am really, really, actually close to true inbox zero - nothing in the INBOX, nothing in TODO, and nothing in FOLLOWUP.  That's never happened before...  Still waiting on that FIOS channel for the Roku.  Wouldn't say no to a Slingplayer channel either.  Truth be told I think maybe coding that second one really ought not be that hard...  I've got a vacation coming up.  I was going to spend some money kitting up, but I appear to have missed the window...  The President's security speech pretty much made sense to me.  Don't recall hearing much on domestic surveillance though...  That sidewalk chalk they said would last 30 days is going to last much more than 30 days...  Verizon is having a free on demand weekend - but nothing that's included is anything we don't already have access to.  Might be a little bit of a misnomer...  The Qdoba queso burrito tastes pretty good, but its a little bit of a mess to eat...  After hearing about the locker rooms at West Point I have come to the conclusion that we've arrived at the point where we can't assume we're off camera anyplace...  Working on trimming down my portfolio at work substantively.  After that I will have to figure out what to do with the time...  Not at all happy about hearing the current agenda of the House financial services committee lately, and really disappointed in the committee Democrats...  The US College National Ultimate Championships are on ESPN3 tomorrow (we don't get ESPN3) and on ESPNU on Wednesday.  Guess I was ahead of my time...  Today we debated turning on the heat, four days ago we debated turning on the air.  Don't have to convince me that Climate Change is real...

Friday, May 24, 2013

All David Honor Roll

Haven't done this in a while.  Here are the Spring 2013 All David Honor Roll students:

Jessica Bergson
Akiva Krauthamer
Dan Miele
Andrew O'Keefe
Jennifer Oughton
Camille Rohrlich
Isaac Rudich

Great work everyone.  Keep it up next semester!

Friday, May 17, 2013


I have to admit I sort of feel like my government has let me down this week...  Another year at CMU is just about in the books.  Time really flies...  Getting pretty comfortable using the laptop as my primary computer.  Now I have to figure out the NAS thing...  One of our cats is having bathroom problems again...  Is it interesting that many of the people aggravated over Benghazi don't really know where Benghazi is?  Maybe it is just sad...  I may have officially lost a significant portion of my job today.  Time will tell...  After too much consideration I believe that actually Star Trek: First Contact is the best Star Trek film.  Maybe it isn't apples and apples...  I really wish the Roku had a FIOS channel, or maybe a Slingplayer channel...  The Bulls did really well considering three of their five starters weren't starters...  We're having a party Sunday.  Don't know if anyone will be here, but it should be fun... Having the thought we should do a Pittsburgh TD Meetup again - I mean having the thought again...  We did a ton of prelim work on renovations for our property but it looks like we missed the window...  Someday soon I have to move the rest of my stuff into the new desk and maybe organize it some...  Is anyone surprised the people responsible for doing taxes are paying special attention to groups advocating the abolition of taxation?  Not sure anyone should be...  Putzing around with the idea of a "David's Crit" again.  Probably won't come to anything...  Today is was like 90 degrees, two days ago it was like 35 degrees.  Global climate change seems pretty real to me... 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spring 13 Semester Reviews - Day Last

Thesis Day 2 and Seniors.  I started this format with Seniors in the last session last year because there were wayward souls unable to make it back from LA on time.  I think it works rather nicely.

Morning Session, Thesis Day 2:

First up today we have Grad3TD Matt...

... his photo is staged because I was so enthralled I forgot to take a picture.

Our last thesis this year is Grad3TD Dale...

... next up for him is to find someone to higher him.  True story.

Afternoon Session, Seniors:

First up, senior PM/SM Ariel...

... she was emotional.  Now possibly looking for event work.

Next is senior BSA PM/SM Brian...

... he's become an expert at theatre and math.

And then senior PM/SM Brian...

... he couldn't find his pen.  Two time comment of the week winner!

Next up senior PM/SM Devrie...

... she used the coveted "I've discovered I don't want to do theatre" finish.

Moving along to senior TD Robert...

 ... we're going to miss him when we can't make our winches go.

Next is senior TD Sonia...

... I said Sonia had an "infuriating positivity."  Really, I did:
Last picture this semester, senior TD Tiffany...

... I gave her the worst entertainment rigging presentation topic ever.

I am going to miss this bunch a bunch.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Semester Reviews - Thesis, Day 1

So here we are the fourth day of spring semester reviews.  Two thesis projects today.

We have Grad3TD Jake...

... Jake gave us "The Pencil in the Kingdom of the Touchpad" a discussion of the impact of mode of instruction on learning.

As a side note, that was my junior high science fair experiment.

We also had Grad3 PM/SM Taylor...

... Taylor's thesis was "Game Theroy" and it's utility for theatrical production managers.

My boss thought that sounded unhelpfully competitive.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Semester Reviews Day Three

And so the semester reviewing continues.  Back to the AM/PM schedule today.

Morning Session:

I guess we can start with Grad1TD Andrew...

... his response featured a joke by me that fell nearly totally flat (I'm not sure if Kevin is the only laughter that it can be called successful).

Next on the Grad2 PM/SM Jessica...

... David Holcomb took the hit but actually the smoking thing was me.

Moving along to Sophomore PM/SM Rachel...

... I don't think I was too formidable a lecture presence to the sophomore PM/SMs.

And then Junior PM/SM Shannon...

... she said her most valuable experience was not a class or a production assignment.

The morning rounds out with Junior PM/SM Tim...

... who reminded us, again, that he is fond of Disney.

Afternoon Session:

I don't know who made up these schedules but they aren't very balanced.

Just on PTM person this session.  Grad1TD Joe...


... He said he didn't have a tie that matched.

That wraps up the regular sessions.  Tomorrow we have thesis presentations all day long.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Semester Reviews Day Two

I'm a little bit behind, but I think I'll be ok.  Into the second day of semester reviews.  Today we had an early afternoon and a late afternoon session.  Was just like a regular workday for me.

Early Afternoon:

First up is Grad1 PM/SM Christina...

... her session reminded me that everyone has been saying "It's Alive" incorrectly.

And then we have Grad2 PM/SM Jamila...

... who will hopefully nail down the elusive PM/SM Project Thesis.

Late Afternoon Session:

We will start off with Sophomore PM/SM Kassondra...

... I am fairly certain she said my lectures were easy to tune out.

Next up Sophomore TD Sean...

... Sean really liked Welding and Advanced Fabrication.

Moving along to Sophomore TD David...

... I told David I don't care if he is having fun.  Probably I do though.

And rounding out day two is Grad2 PM/SM Cat...

... Cat is a two time Comment of the Week winner this semester and frequent Podcast participant.

One more day of standard reviews, then Thesis and Seniors, and then... DONE.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Spring Semester Reviews - Day One

It's that time again (already, the year goes by a little bit faster each time).  So we're back in the Wells for Semester Reviews.  Here's the first day.

Morning Session:

First up, junior PM/SM Zoe...

... She's got some kind of branding thing with frogs going on.

Next up is Grad1 PM/SM Tyler...

...I made him wait until last (it wasn't an intentional slight or anything).

And then we have Grad1 PM/SM Jody...

... She looks a lot like Isaac.

Next up is Junior PM/SM AJ...

... AJ's board was one of the better looking ones all day.

Rounding out the morning session was Grad1 TD Adam...

... He started by quoting us back the last crit.  That sort of ups the ante on what we say (I mean if he's going to remember and everything).

Afternoon Session:

We'll open the afternoon with Junior PM/SM/Sound Designer Becca...

... I think I would have gone for a bigger calendar.

Next up is Grad2 TD Luke...

... I did a crappy job framing his photo this time.

The last PTM Semester Review photo of the day goes to Sophomore BXA PM/SM Rachael...

... I can be absolutely certain this is the first buggy anyone has brought to crits.

More to come tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I Was Wondering

just how to go about this, and then they did it for me:

Thanks for that!